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Project Description
Contains a XML specification of a 3D model that handles animation, cameras, light, bones, and models. Also contains a Importer for C++ and C# and the C++ 3DS exporter

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  • XML Model Specification
  • C++ 3DS 2011 MAX Exporter (3DMax SDK Only)
  • C++ Importer that only depends on Xerces 3.1.1
  • C# Importer without external dependencies (.Net 3.5)
  • The exporter uses the IGame 3DS Max lib (included in Max SDK)
  • Uses Directx Left handed
  • Transformations enconded in Vectors and Quaternions
  • Supports Dummies, Cameras and Bones Hierarchy.
  • Export Indexed Geometry
  • Export all the Standard Material Maps
  • Simple Importer demo included
  • This project is for learing and experimenting !!!
  • IDEAL FOR LEARNING !!! How the whole process works !!!

Continuous development, its not complete (its far from it) but can be used. If someone need a stable model specification i strongly sugest using a Market standard format (like Collada .dae) and the opensource Assimp Importer ( ).

A example of the file exported can be found Here

A tutorial (hard to find) about exporters in 3DS Max using IGame API can be found Here

I used this Library in others projects like and

RoadMap (in the far future >.<)

  • Export Lightning
  • Support Maya and Blender
  • Export Animation (it already exports but is hard coded ... zero usability ).
  • Make the Exporter more User Friendly
  • Make a standalone Viewer
  • IMPROVE THE CODE of C++ Exporter (its horrible)

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